Were you ever caught wearing diapers? If yes then by whom and what was the reaction and consequences? Thank you🙂

Thank you for this Ask! I can’t recall if I was ever ‘caught’ wearing diapers by anyone. When I still lived at home, my mom found wet diapers in the trash a few times when I was being lazy. She was particularly keen on recycling and went through the trash to sort out plastics (I put used diapers in a closed plastic bag so they don’t smell).. That used to give me a bit of anxiety because I just couldn’t throw away any diapers in their trash.and had to use public trashcans, which probably isn’t allowed. Her response was that she was puzzled and asked me about it, but I only mentioned that I liked wearing them and that I’m not ill, and never said anything else about it. It should be okay with that ^^.. 

I actually found a picture where I show how I put a used nappy in a plastic bag. I’m not sure why I have this picture xD, it’s kinda gross, I’m so sorry


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