Looking around your awesome pix, I guess you’ve spent lots at IKEA? I have 5 of the rats! And the the bed frame is excellent

Hm yes, in my previous home I think most of my stuff was either from Ikea or from the thrift-shop (which also receives mostly ikea stuff). When I was decorating my house, I kept an Excel sheet of my spendings and I was surprised how expensive it all ended up being, despite the fact that I never really planned on keeping any of the furniture pieces. I had these things: 

Friheten sleeping sofa (I got mine in pink, it was the last one?)
Fjellse 140cm wooden bed frame (they should still have this)
Hemnes table-desk (before they started only selling painted ones)

Jokkmokk wooden dining table with 4 wooden chairs
Rast wooden cabinet
Hemnes 3-drawer chest (before they started only selling painted ones)
Hemnes book case (also before the painted ones)

XD I even had a fridge from ikea. Did you know they sell fridges? I think it’s called “Lagan”. It’s so huge. We were with 3 people in the house and the fridge and freezer were never completely full.

I also had a few carpets from ikea, and lots of decorative little things like the rats (plushies) yes and of course the shark plush. Though, I don’t think they sell lots of these things any more? It’s a little sad that I could not keep most of those furniture pieces, when I moved back to the south of the Netherlands (and later to Belgium). I understand that life goes on, and I also understand that I should not sulk over such silly materialist things. Though, I think ultimately we all seek comfort in continuity of our relationships and our possessions. I wonder whether I’ll have a permanent living space any time soon

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