Now this is an ask about asks: How often do you receive asks? How often do you receive asks that you cannot or do not want to answer (f. ex. because they are not a question, are insulting or embarrassing, are too personal …)?

Thank you for this meta Ask ^^. I do receive Asks in bundles. Sometimes I don’t receive Asks in weeks, and sometimes I receive a few in a day. Especially when I request Asks, I tend to get them, which makes sense I guess.  I think it’s interesting for both me and any potential readers when there’s interesting Asks to be answered. 

I do get Asks which I don’t feel like answering. Not often, thankfully. Don’t worry about it, though ^^, I rarely get “insults” and I am not the sort of person who cares about such things, anyway. The Asks which I don’t answer are those which I think are too personal. I can understand that this is weird to hear, because I do share a lot of ‘skin’ and a very intimate look into my life. When else do you get to see someone’s bedroom and secrets?


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