About a week ago I received a notice in my mailbox that I wasn’t home when they came to deliver a package xD. I wasn’t sure what it was, because I hadn’t ordered anything (that I could remember). When I looked up the tracking number online, the mailing system actually said that the address was wrong and they were going to send it back to whoever sent the package (wasn’t shown on the website either, very Belgian xD). 

When I asked @cofftee , we were fairly certain that it was the package that he sent to me the week before. Oops. I’d feel very guilty if the package was actually going to get sent back to him! I asked him many times whether he wants me to at least pay for the postage costs, but he refuses to give me his bank details x_x. But I considered that I should at least go to the place that receives my packages when I’m not home, to ask if they maybe have it or know where it is. I kinda also joked to myself that the girl living next nextdoors from me received the package and kept it and was now exploring her inner child by ageplaying xD. The past few days I was quite busy at work so by the time I went home, the shop had already closed. Finally, on Saturday (Oct 3th) I went to that shop in the morning and they actually had that package! What a relief. Anyway, in these pictures I am showing the unboxing and the inside. Aren’t these diapers adorable?? The stack at the top-right are actually disposable stuffers for making a diaper more absorbent. I can definitely advice stuffers to everyone ^^, they are very soft and make a diaper look and feel more babyish by making it thicker. Thank you @cofftee  for sending this to me °^° !! I have a LOT of pictures to take and to post to this blog with all these diapers. If only I could thank him properly.. Maybe you can suggest something? 

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