Avent bottles are on of my all time favorites. Do you ever drink milk or formula on your bottle. Can we see a pic please :)

Yes, I agree. (also I answered this exact ask a few days ago, didn’t I?) The Avent bottles are better than random-brand bottles ^^. I do have two other random-brand bottles and I wouldn’t prefer them. The teat on the Avent is quite big, and the bottle itself fits nicely in my hand and even makes my hands feel smol because it’s a thick&short bottle (and not thin & long like adult water bottles). 

I do drink formula from my bottle sometimes ^^, or tea. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture of myself while drinking from a bottle. I’ll try to take a picture of that next time I ageplay. 

(also little fun fact. the camera I’m holding in the picture below, together with the lens and the flash, weigh around 1.4kg together, or 3.1 pounds.. When I’m taking these selfies, I’m holding the weight with 3 fingers xD.. I’m one of those people who never uses a camera strap)


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