Do you like taking selfies?

xD Thank you for this Ask. This one is going to be hilarious. 

I’ve taken almost 3000 pictures for this blog, mostly of myself in various adult baby-ish poses and situations. But in reality I almost never take selfies. I play around with Snapchat on my phone, sometimes, but I’m not the sort of person who would save those kinds of selfies. It’s not that I lack self-confidence for this; it’s that I don’t see a reason to take selfies. I don’t know anyone who I’d send those selfies to ^^;;

I do love taking pictures of people. But the joy of taking pictures, for me, is to showcase a person in a way they don’t normally see themselves. Taking a photo and displaying it in the way I want is a form of art, right? A photo, for me, isn’t about displaying what reality is like. With a phone, the pictures look very bland to me, exactly how my own eyes see it. With a big camera, I can set it to save RAW files, and edit those raw files on my laptop later. Also, with a big camera I can use a flash, choose a big aperture to play with the background, change the iso, and I don’t have to worry about the camera “deciding” on the wrong settings like the white balance. I use Capture One to edit my raw files, and I can recommend everyone to look into how to save photos in raw to be able to edit them manually. Because it gives you a lot more room to ‘rescue’ a photo which you thought had failed into something usable, but also to play around with pictures to make them look more artsy. 

This is me wearing a Bambino Bellissimo :


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