Do you wear diapers 24/7? Aside from taking them off to do number 2 since that’s not in your comfort zone, of course.

Hm I think I answered a similar question in the last few days? No, I don’t wear diapers all the time. I only wear a diaper on Saturday or on Sunday for a few hours.  I am not incontinent. The only reason that I wear diapers is to ageplay. I can’t ageplay unless I’m completely free of other tasks and I’m inside my own home and left alone. Consequently, I only ageplay (and therefore only wear diapers) when it’s not a work day and I have nothing else planned ^^. It’s my private time, you know? It’s not an outfit that I can put on and enjoy, it’s a mood that I need to get into. I do think the desire to age regress builds up over time, and if I can’t do it for a few weeks it gets kind of annoying in my head, but usually it’s okay to do it once every 1-2 weeks..


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