From what I can tell, you’re using an old fullframe camera, and a really old flash. These are quite difficult to use but you seem to have no issues with them? Who taught you how to take pictures?

Hello, thank you for this Ask! Yes, I have a Sony A7.. but really, taking pictures and editing the raws is much easier than you may think ^^;;. If you lock the iso to 100, you have a LOT of dynamic range (compared to higher isos) as long as you don’t overexpose. As far as I understood it, higher isos just software-increase the illumination anyway, it’s not changing the sensitivity of the sensor I think? You do need a lot of lights in your room, or sunshine.. so I use a flash to provide lights. For now, I’ve been putting the big flash on my camera itself (the A7 doesn’t have a flash of its own) I’ve been wanting to try using a remote flash (so it’s not on my camera) to make it easier. Maybe someone can suggest me something?  


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