You’re absolutely adorable 😍 people just need to look at your cute outfits instead of trying to get you to do stuff you’ve said no too

Thank you for this Ask, and for saying that you think that I’m adorable ^^. 

There’s a few things which I wish people would stop Asking me, but in the end it doesn’t really matter, I guess. If an Ask is clearly disingenuous, I’ll delete it.

I do allow Anonymous Asks (it’s an option on tumblr). I answer almost (99%) all Asks which I receive. I write out my answers as interestingly as I can. 

Because of the messy interface of Tumblr, a person who casually looks at my blog will not be able to know what was asked 1000+ blog posts ago. I have around 2300 blog posts right now, which is absolutely massive. So consequently there’s a lot of Asks which keep coming back. It’s unavoidable, and I don’t mind. I try to make the best of it and I try to have all of you have fun while looking at my pictures and reading my stuff. How can a diaper picture blog be interesting? I don’t know ^^;; , I doubt I could discuss things that are actually on my mind. Instead, I try to interact with you guys to make this more interesting. Otherwise, I’m just a floppy shark..


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