Hi couchrequin, in many pics you posted recently you are wearing thigh-high socks, and I wonder how you feel about wearing them. To me, they are a kind of sex symbol that makes a woman look sexy. You, on the other hand, seem to wear them to get into little space. Do you also feel that ambiguity, or are they just “little attire” for you?





Thank you for this Ask! I’ve worn thigh-highs, tights and leggings during little time for as long as I can remember. I think tights and leggings go nicely together with ageplay because it can look super childish and it keeps my diaper snugly in place. Now with thighhigh socks I do see the ambiguity.. I personally think thighhighs are really cute (in like anime-ish cute: moe), so I wouldn’t consider them a sex symbol on myself. With those semi-transparant sheer thighhighs it’s kinda less cute I guess and more ‘sexy’. But xD I just can’t see myself as ‘sexy’. Do people fap to me? xD I would think that that’s really weird, if that’s the case I’m not that kind of person, I think? I’m only showing my littlespace in pictures


Haha you know people fap over you 😀

But you shouldn’t x_x… I take my pictures for fun and play, not for sexual reasons

(for reals tho.. I’m still not really sure what to think and how to feel about the possibility that someone may fap over me.. What should I feel about this, even?)

@coucherequin you can feel however you’d like about it, honestly. I think (ideally) the best way would perhaps be flattered that people find you attractive, 😊. Some people find they really enjoy knowing that they get others excited, but that’s entirely up to you! Alternatively, if you really really don’t want to be engaged in those sorts of comments you could put a note on your page to that effect, and warn/block people who don’t respect that. Unfortunately, you’ll never be 100% successful in that (let’s be real, people are pervs), so I personally recommend embracing it, rather than fighting it! But again, you should decide what you’re comfortable with, don’t let others tell you what to do!

Thank you for commenting on this, @tsugie ! Hm well I don’t think I’m flattered by it, really. It just makes me wonder why because I don’t see myself like that, right? I’m not going to embrace it, or fight it, I’m rather indifferent to it. However, I usually don’t respond to lewd messages. You can call it ‘fighting’ against it, but xD I don’t think it takes me any effort to simply ignore a message by not responding to it. Maybe this is a nice middle-ground: I post my pictures to show my littlespace, people can fap to me if they feel like it, and spill their cum everywhere, but I’m not going to talk lewd to them in DMs. This way, everyone is happy ^^. What do you think?

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