Who is your waifu, Coucherequin-san?



xD What a strange Ask. 

mister Shark would be the closest thing to that. He does get hugged/strangled by me each night. And sometimes I pretend to kiss the shark good night ^^. Poor thing


This is adorable. Im in love.

I’m also in love with wearing diapers ^^.. I’ll stop being a shitty person to my blog readers and try to go back to posting. I’m so sorry. I like wearing diapers, I like taking pictures, I like ageplaying and ‘melting’ into my baby underwear, and I love pretending to be a little kid and drinking from a bottle and sucking on a pacifier and watching anime while doing that, and so many other things °^°!! I’m sorry, again.. I’ll pamper my inner baby extra much this weekend. I’ll purchase a few extra abdl thingies, like a new onesie or something else. I want a new dress, too. I’m lonely af, but at least I’ll be happy being by myself, until I know what I want. I need to stay as positive as possible and enjoy every day.  

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