Here’s a question for you do you have a least favorite diaper that you’ve tried for me I research the diapers I buy so I’ve been able to say away from some of the bad ones



Thank you for sending me an Ask! 

My least favorite diaper is the Attends Slip Active m8 (and m9). These diapers have one tape on each side (so two tapes in total) and therefore fit me very poorly; i.e. the middle part of the diaper doesn’t stay snugly around my thighs and instead narrows up over time. I bought a pack (with 28 diapers) of these diapers in 2013 (I think?) and it took me until at least 2016 to finish it. I did have other diapers in the mean time, of course. At some point I started buying Abena M3 packages and I loved those diapers for their simpleness and effectiveness. Though, this was a time before I started exploring ageplaying, so I was mostly just masturbating in these diapers. I should just have thrown the Attends away instead of wearing them reluctantly, I am not incontinent after all so I don’t per se need uncomfortable diapers. What sense does it make to wear bad diapers when you’re doing it for fun? ^^;;

With that in mind, I should really start approaching my diaper choices more ‘scientifically’, so I could have lists of diapers that I can strongly recommend and other diapers which I would recommend more for low budget or something like that xD. But maybe the viewers of my blog just want to see my ass and thin frail body in diapers instead of reading silly analyses of diapers

I second the motion for diaper science. Also: I may have came for the diaper butt, but I stayed for the PERSONALITY! I’m all about the emotional feel behind the padding. I’ve seen tons of diaper butts. But if I see a diaper butt that also showcases someone’s personality and intelligence? Now THAT is a good combination. 😁

Hey, I’m really glad that you said that you stayed for the personality ^^. It is a really important recognition for me, you know.. My blog has almost 2500 messages, and lots and lots of photos (probably close to 5000 photos), but it’s just me, right? In the end, I am a real person and not just an object in a bunch of photos. It’s like when you’ve listened to a ton of songs from someone, and suddenly you realize there’s a person behind it, or when you realize that your favorite character in a movie is a real person, too!

Anyway, I’m really glad and thankful..  I should be faster to respond to messages and reblogs that I receive 


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