May I compliment you on being incredibly adorable?

Well you can compliment me all you like, but I doubt that I’d just accept any compliment like that xD. My opinion of myself is much more neutral and I’m surprised each time when I receive a positive remark on my looks. I think that in reality it reflects more my ability to take pictures than it reflecting my actual looks ^^;;. That is also a good thing, though. I do accept any compliment on my photography , cus I do think that I am good at it. I should have chosen photography as a career instead of science !!

Nonetheless, I’m just glad to be sharing something which I truly like; diapers, ageplay, cute outfits, and taking pictures!


How do I report this Tumblr for extreme cuteness? 😁



Noooo please don’t report me!! I am perfectly SFW (well, not really, don’t look at my blog when you’re at work or you’ll get in trouble, but I’m not a porn blog, either xD). I am cute, soft and innocent!!! My most precious dream is to be the smollest and cutest little girl ever


You’re definitely smoll and cute!

I’m 1 meter 70, and my thighs are super thick, though.. not very smol.

At least I’m not a 2 meter Dutchy xD 


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This diaper is called Rearz Incontrol Elite Hybrid !! I put a towel underneath me, because this diaper leaked after I peed only a tiny bit. This diaper looks super babyish but it didn’t absorb anything, so strange?

Out of all the diapers you’ve tried over the years, do you have a favorite one?

Yes. I think I like the Bambino Cloudee, the Rearz Princess Pink, and the Littleforbig Baby Cuties the most.

But I like lots of different diapers. By now I must have worn at least 30 different brands ^^, and right now I’ve photographed myself during littletime on 54 different occasions! I take a lot of pictures, also non-abdl of course, so I try to keep everything sorted, so that I can use them again when I feel like it.. for instance this is me cumming my brains out into a bambino cloudee.. so lewd XD. My coucherequin folder is super big now, almost 75 gb of just me wearing diapers XD, so weird. 


Hope you are doing alright and that you have a wonderful week!!

I always try to have a wonderful and energetic week ^^

Each morning I wake up to the reality which is adult life, and I have to leave my shark in my bed, while I cycle to work and do weird adult stuff that no one but a few people on earth will understand. When I return home, I have to clean up all my mess, prepare food for that evening and food for the next day breakfast and lunch. Afterwards, I’ll sit down to have a little bit of social interaction with people on the internet. Kinda sad to write a summary like this, but you have to make the best of it. The rona didn’t even change my routine all that much. I work a practical job so I can just go to the lab to do my thing without needing someone’s permission or something. I’m not the sort of person who went clothes or shoe shopping very often, beyond the necessity. Nowadays I do that even less. I don’t even order stuff online that often, because I feel that I already own everything that I want to own ^^. Maybe I’ll purchase a new laptop at the end of this year, but it’s probably not even necessary. What do people even do with their money each month? Mine goes to the little bit of rent that I pay, the food that I eat, and the remainder goes to my savings account.. What do you do? 


Did you have a good birthday???

Hello, thank you for sending me this Ask! My birthday was a few days ago on the 3rd of January.. Yes, I had a really good time ^^.  Maybe you saw that I got myself a box full of diapers and abdl stuff? But more importantly, I got to see my parents and sisters which I think is more important than anything else. 

Let’s see what this year will bring, huh? I’ll probably be wearing diapers every weekend, taking pictures of myself and exposing myself on tumblr ^^;;. Hopefully, I can continue making people happy with my ageplay sessions. 


Hi! Saw your birthday post with all of your presents! All of it looks comfy cute and oh so fun! What will you where first? So you also have footie pajamas?

Hello! My birthday was on the 3rd of january, sorry for answering this Ask a bit late ^^;; . You’ll see me wearing all those thingies the coming while. I don’t actually have a footie pyjama.. I do have a few kigurumis but they’re not the same.. do you think that I should get a footed pyjama?

When I ageplay, I just tend to wear cute outfits with tights and skirts and dresses ^^. Of course my shark plush is always nearby when I do this 


If you had a million dollars, what would you after all the boring responsible stuff??

Thank you so much for sending me several Asks !! I really love answering these Asks ^^

xD If I won a million euros, I would help my sister with buying an appartement, I would like to take car driving lessons (I don’t have my license oops) and hm there’s a lot of stuff that I would probably do after carefully planning it. 

I really want to have a nursery for myself, with a big crib that my shark and I can sleep in. In the nursery, I would also like to have a play area with those really soft floor matting, where I can build legos and k’nex (definitely my favourite thing when I was a kid). I’d also like an area where I can watch cartoons and anime, on a comfy sofa with lots of pillows and such. Of course there would also be lots of diapers.

Hm it’s kinda frowned upon, but I really want to keep looking young. I understand that growing old is a perfectly normal process, and it’s one of life’s certainties. But, I can dream, right? If I had the money for it, I would probably see what I can do medically and surgically to keep looking young for a long time.. 

But well. I might also become an ugly crazy cat lady and adopt a dozen cats if I don’t have to work any more XD. I really really love cats, but I’ve unfortunately chosen a career where I don’t have much free time for myself and my family. Right now, I doubt I could even properly take care of a cat. 


How do I report this Tumblr for extreme cuteness? 😁

Noooo please don’t report me!! I am perfectly SFW (well, not really, don’t look at my blog when you’re at work or you’ll get in trouble, but I’m not a porn blog, either xD). I am cute, soft and innocent!!! My most precious dream is to be the smollest and cutest little girl ever


Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true. Do you have a favorite little movie?

Thank you for sending me this Ask and for wishing me a happy birthday!! °^° I also hope that all my little wishes come true and I can become the smollest person ever!

Hm I tend to watch slice-of-life anime when I’m ageplaying. I know that there’s also Western cartoons being made, but I kinda feel more connected to anime? I dunno. I like Steven’s Universe and Bob’s Burgers and such but Western cartoons are also really filled up with politics drama which I’m just not interested in. There’s a lot of series in the slice-of-life anime genre that you could check out, like Lucky Star, Yuru Yuri, Moetan, Maidragon, Nichijou, Azumanga Daioh, Umaru-chan, Blend S, New Game!, Girls’ Last Tour, Suzumiya Haruhi, K-On!, and tons more. I also really like watching the Pokemon anime, to be honest. Is Pokemon a slice-of-life? It’s a feel-good kids anime for me ^^
In terms of movies, I really liked Frozen.. I must have watched that movie in at least 4 different languages xD. Lots of older Disney movies are super fun to watch, Lady and the Tramp, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan (super super love this one), Lilo and Stitch, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Book, etc. I’m not a fan of the remakes that they’re creating, I really prefer the original 1900s works when it comes to the animations… What do you think?

Hello coucherequin! Wishing you an happy new year. I really like what your posting and your personality. 2020 was a bad year for me and seeing you in diaper remind me to take time for myself, wear a diaper and relax.Once again, happy new year and keep posting your cute pictures!

hello !! Thank you for your kind wishes °^°. You are unfortunately not alone in having had not such a great year. Lots of people had a tough and challenging time. That doesn’t downplay your feelings, though. To get a positive feeling out of 2020 would be the most ideal, right? I had a lot of good things happen to me in 2020. I’m very happy with how it all went ^^. If you can find and highlight the positive events in your life, that occurred in 2020, you’ll also feel a lot better!

As for the contribution of my own blog ^^;; I’m happy and humbled that I’m able to help out in making others relax. Ageplay helps me to relax, and I hope that I can portray that in my pictures!

I’ll keep posting pictures, don’t worry ^^

In case I forget, happy early birthday! And welcome to the 30 club.

Oh sorry I have not yet responded to your private message ^^; . I sent you a message a few days ago because I randomly saw your username and it kinda amused me that you’re probably running low on fuel right now, because your local Starbucks may be closed xD. Who knows, maybe you can still pick up your orders by a counter or something. I also noticed that Carrefour (supermarket where I live) started selling coffee capsules which had the Starbucks logo on it! xD they gotta adapt

Thank you very much for wishing me a happy birthday! That’s really kind of you. And yeah, I’ve accepted my 4th decade membership ^^;;; Let’s see where life will take me in my 30s. Who knows.

I’ll probably stay active on tumblr for a few more years. My body hasn’t aged much the past 5 years so I hope that I can maintain some of my young looks. I would like to keep doing my tumblr blog because I like interacting with people. By sharing some of my pictures, it seems that people are interested in me ^^ oops. 


Are you happy with your current position at work? Or are you going to try to change something about that?

Hello! Thank you for this Ask! 

It’s a difficult question, though. Just like my previous job, I am working in a hospital facility again. I don’t think that, with all the restrictions in place, I am getting a fair view of what it’s normally like. I am really not having a good time right now, but it is probably a temporary thing? Regardless, it’s not a good idea to change jobs right now, I think. It’s not just my job that determines my opinion on this, anyway. It’s also the general difficulty in public transportation, and reduced shop availability, and whatnot. I don’t blame anyone, and I’m definitely not one to complain about the state of affairs… Also probably lots of people are having a difficult time, and I should be glad to be in good health and to live nearby family and friends. 

Let’s see the coming while what comes out of it, huh? ^^ I have my whole life in front of me to have some fun, take a few pictures and make lots of new friends! I’m all in for second chances and my opinion on things changes quickly if I come to the realisation that I was wrong!

Have a great birthday!Were you able to spend Christmas time with your family (parents etc)? Here in Finland, it was recommended not to travel between larger cities, so my family (i.e. my wife and our adult-age sons) spent first time Christmas just togethet, without visiting our parents.

Thank you for wishing me a great birthday! I’m sorry to hear that you could not spend Christmas with your parents. I hope that you can soon have another opportunity to visit them… I did visit my parents, though I realise that this wasn’t an advised thing to do. My reasoning was that every time may be the last time and there is no one else who I can spend Christmas with. Communicating over the internet gets old, quickly. I’m selfish for having done this, right? It was high-risk, and dangerous, behaviour that should probably be fined. I did my best to evade people while travelling; by travlling at non-busy hours, standing far away from others, and I even bicycled part of my trip. In the future, I’ll probably consider myself crazy for having cycled 40km through the dark and cold to evade people. 

I feel so sorry for my parents. They’re retired; they used to visit acquaintances and family as a means of socialising. Nowadays their only visitors are the kids (including me). It’s not their fault. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s important to remain hopeful for a better future, otherwise there is nothing to look forward to 

I know people ask u a lot, but do u wear 24/7, still potty trained??? Hehe PS: Happy New Year, Hope u have a wonderful one

Hello! Thank you so much for your Ask! And thank you for wishing me a happy new year!

I ageplay (and wear diapers) usually once per week on Saturday or Sunday. My little ageplay ‘sessions’ usually lost 4-8 hours before I return to the adult world ^^. This is what it would be like: I’ll quickly shower and wash myself fully. When I get out of the shower, fully naked, I’ll put baby oil and/or crème all over my sensitive area and butt. The diaper is opened up and fluffed up and put on the floor. I’ll sit down onto the diaper and I put some more creme on myself. Also usually I put some baby powder onto my sensitive area. The diaper is taped shut. For some diapers, I’ll apply a layer of clear packing tape on the diaper to make it extra tight and so that I can’t take the diaper off easily. When I’m not taking pictures, I’ll put on tight underwear to keep everything in place, and I’ll wear a soft pyjama over it. For my baby bottle, I’ll prepare some baby formula (milk), and when it’s done I’ll drink it in my bed. I’ll sit upright against the wall, hugging my shark plushie and holding up my bottle. (I feel kinda ill when I drink from a bottle while laying down, oops). In my head I pretend that someone is holding my bottle for me ^^. Maybe I’ll make some more warm formula so that my tummy feels warm and full. After 2 or 3 bottles, this is usually when I feel the most happy and bliss. It is an amazing feeling that I can’t describe well. I wish that this feeling would last forever. I’ll lay down on my bed, hugging my plush and sucking on a paci, put the blankets over myself, and doze off a little bit. There’s been so many times that I’ve fallen asleep here.. When I do, I’d wake up an hour later needing to pee. I sit up and let it run into the nappy, feeling it get warm and swell up. Afterwards, I get up, prepare some tea for myself and watch cartoons (or anime) for a bit. Maybe I’ll answer some messages on tumblr, who knows ^^. Unfortunatlely, sitting in a wet diaper turns me on and my adult body eventually forces me to masturbate by rubbing the front of my diaper. For me, this breaks and ends the ageplay and I’ll go to my bed to hump my shark and push a vibrator onto the front of my diaper. After an hour and having a few orgasms, I kinda wonder why I do this.. but it’s okay. It’s been a fun afternoon, and I’ll go shower and return back to the adult life ^^  

Sorry for not answering the Ask and instead writing a short description of my ageplay times. I hope that it’s okay.


Do you actually wear diapers for medical reasons or just out of passion?

Thank you for this Ask! Fortunately, I don’t need to wear diapers for medical reasons. I hope that people who do need to wear diapers for medical reasons can (partially) recover their continence, or can find a healthy balance. I am fully aware that my own enjoyment of wearing diapers can be seen as disrespectful to those who feel ashamed from wearing diapers and by those who are really harmed in their lifestyle by incontinence. I promise that I don’t mean it in a disrespectful way, and I would probably never advocate to wear diapers long-term for fun. I would also never join a forum which is aimed at incontinence support.

My diaper wearing is only for ageplay and the only way that I can properly ageplay is when I’m inside the safety of my own home, wearing pyjamas, hugging my shark plushie in my bed. I’ll drink from a baby bottle, eat baby food, watch cartoons or anime, pee in my diaper on purpose, maybe I’ll take a short nap, and I’ll feel completely relaxed. I don’t mean to bother anyone and I hope that whoever is annoyed by the existance of my blog or by my pictures can muster the strength to just close the tab and move on with their life… ^^;; I would never claim to be addicted to ageplay. It’s just something that I do for fun. And if I can’t do it for a few weeks then so be it.


What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Thank you for this Ask!! In the past I would definitely have said Dame Blanche. That’s an icecream heavy on chocolate and chocolate syrup. Though, the last few years I tried out a lot more flavours and I am definitely a big fan of matcha-flavoured ice-cream °^°

Contrary to how thin I am, I do really love sweet and patisserie stuff. Below is a picture of a fancy éclair au chocolat that I had a while ago. French pastries can be very pretty and satisfying to take photos of, especially because you get to eat them afterwards


Princess Pink are soooooo amazing and look very nice on you. Happy early birthday!!!!

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!!

I really love the Rearz Princess Pink diapers! I’ve only worn them a few times, but they’re probably one of my most favourite diapers. So soft, thick and the design is super cute ^^. Yes I agree that they fit my body very well, and also they look nice on photos. They’re almost too pretty to wear 


I think the fact that she was so honest about telling you she didn’t want to do it again is a testament to how good your friendship is with her. She clearly appreciated that you were willing to share this part of you with her. The fact that you’re still friends is proof to me that it wasn’t a mistake to ask her to try it.

You’re probably right ^^. I’m not sure on the appreciation, but I do feel that I have been forgiven for my mistake. It would be devastating to me if our friendship was harmed in a serious way. We’ve been friends for so long and it feels like we’ve always been there for each other. Forgiveness is the best gift that you can offer someone. I try to forgive everyone of their mistakes if it feels just to do. 💕

Does your friend in Paris know about your little side? Does she also have a little side?

Thank you for this Ask!! We’ve been friends for a long time and we’ve talked about ageplay a few times. I don’t want to annoy or bother people, but I made the mistake of asking her in the past whether she wanted to try it with me. Being a really good friend, she didn’t refuse, and next time I visited her I had 2 diapers with me (Attends m8, I think it was, not even a good diaper oops…). I also brought baby bottles and pacis for us to use (and we did!). We drank orange juice from the bottle. I thought that we looked super adorable. But after half an hour she said she wanted to change back into normal clothing. Afterwards, she told me that she thought that it was not something that she’d like to do again, and I’ve always respected this. In retrospect, I feel bad for having asked her to do this with me. Ageplay is something that I should not bother friends with, I now feel. I’m so sorry. I was such a horrible friend for asking that.. In the long run, it didn’t harm our friendship, fortunately. We’re still very good friends and we often meet whenever we can ^^ 

If you could travel anywhere, what place do you want to see most?

I would really like to visit my friend, who lives in Paris. It’s not about the place, it’s about seeing her and hugging her. She deserves so much more than what she has, and I’m always afraid that she’s feeling lonely and unloved. She helped me so much throughout last year (in 2020) and I owe her BIG time. 

°^°  !!!

Why are you so cute?





xD I don’t know. I’m not so sure I’m actually cute. But apparently I’m good at pretending


Great pictures. I do love the plastic pants peaking out from under your skirt.

uh huh ^^. and I like pretending to be a little kid, so it goes nicely together!

Verry cute. I see your nice plastic . I like that!

Hm yeah ^^. Lots of people really like the way that plastic pants look huh? I still don’t really get why, but I don’t mind wearing plastic pants in some of my pictures to please you! As long as I can wear a diaper, I’ll be a smol happy Little!


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January 3 is my birthday. I’m turning 30. I don’t consider any of my birthdays to be a special thing, but I am still feeling the pressure that I am really an adult now and I’m not an old teenager or … Continue reading