Are you happy with your current position at work? Or are you going to try to change something about that?

Hello! Thank you for this Ask! 

It’s a difficult question, though. Just like my previous job, I am working in a hospital facility again. I don’t think that, with all the restrictions in place, I am getting a fair view of what it’s normally like. I am really not having a good time right now, but it is probably a temporary thing? Regardless, it’s not a good idea to change jobs right now, I think. It’s not just my job that determines my opinion on this, anyway. It’s also the general difficulty in public transportation, and reduced shop availability, and whatnot. I don’t blame anyone, and I’m definitely not one to complain about the state of affairs… Also probably lots of people are having a difficult time, and I should be glad to be in good health and to live nearby family and friends. 

Let’s see the coming while what comes out of it, huh? ^^ I have my whole life in front of me to have some fun, take a few pictures and make lots of new friends! I’m all in for second chances and my opinion on things changes quickly if I come to the realisation that I was wrong!

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