Do you actually wear diapers for medical reasons or just out of passion?

Thank you for this Ask! Fortunately, I don’t need to wear diapers for medical reasons. I hope that people who do need to wear diapers for medical reasons can (partially) recover their continence, or can find a healthy balance. I am fully aware that my own enjoyment of wearing diapers can be seen as disrespectful to those who feel ashamed from wearing diapers and by those who are really harmed in their lifestyle by incontinence. I promise that I don’t mean it in a disrespectful way, and I would probably never advocate to wear diapers long-term for fun. I would also never join a forum which is aimed at incontinence support.

My diaper wearing is only for ageplay and the only way that I can properly ageplay is when I’m inside the safety of my own home, wearing pyjamas, hugging my shark plushie in my bed. I’ll drink from a baby bottle, eat baby food, watch cartoons or anime, pee in my diaper on purpose, maybe I’ll take a short nap, and I’ll feel completely relaxed. I don’t mean to bother anyone and I hope that whoever is annoyed by the existance of my blog or by my pictures can muster the strength to just close the tab and move on with their life… ^^;; I would never claim to be addicted to ageplay. It’s just something that I do for fun. And if I can’t do it for a few weeks then so be it.


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