Does your friend in Paris know about your little side? Does she also have a little side?

Thank you for this Ask!! We’ve been friends for a long time and we’ve talked about ageplay a few times. I don’t want to annoy or bother people, but I made the mistake of asking her in the past whether she wanted to try it with me. Being a really good friend, she didn’t refuse, and next time I visited her I had 2 diapers with me (Attends m8, I think it was, not even a good diaper oops…). I also brought baby bottles and pacis for us to use (and we did!). We drank orange juice from the bottle. I thought that we looked super adorable. But after half an hour she said she wanted to change back into normal clothing. Afterwards, she told me that she thought that it was not something that she’d like to do again, and I’ve always respected this. In retrospect, I feel bad for having asked her to do this with me. Ageplay is something that I should not bother friends with, I now feel. I’m so sorry. I was such a horrible friend for asking that.. In the long run, it didn’t harm our friendship, fortunately. We’re still very good friends and we often meet whenever we can ^^ 

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