Have a great birthday!Were you able to spend Christmas time with your family (parents etc)? Here in Finland, it was recommended not to travel between larger cities, so my family (i.e. my wife and our adult-age sons) spent first time Christmas just togethet, without visiting our parents.

Thank you for wishing me a great birthday! I’m sorry to hear that you could not spend Christmas with your parents. I hope that you can soon have another opportunity to visit them… I did visit my parents, though I realise that this wasn’t an advised thing to do. My reasoning was that every time may be the last time and there is no one else who I can spend Christmas with. Communicating over the internet gets old, quickly. I’m selfish for having done this, right? It was high-risk, and dangerous, behaviour that should probably be fined. I did my best to evade people while travelling; by travlling at non-busy hours, standing far away from others, and I even bicycled part of my trip. In the future, I’ll probably consider myself crazy for having cycled 40km through the dark and cold to evade people. 

I feel so sorry for my parents. They’re retired; they used to visit acquaintances and family as a means of socialising. Nowadays their only visitors are the kids (including me). It’s not their fault. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s important to remain hopeful for a better future, otherwise there is nothing to look forward to 

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