Hello coucherequin! Wishing you an happy new year. I really like what your posting and your personality. 2020 was a bad year for me and seeing you in diaper remind me to take time for myself, wear a diaper and relax.Once again, happy new year and keep posting your cute pictures!

hello !! Thank you for your kind wishes °^°. You are unfortunately not alone in having had not such a great year. Lots of people had a tough and challenging time. That doesn’t downplay your feelings, though. To get a positive feeling out of 2020 would be the most ideal, right? I had a lot of good things happen to me in 2020. I’m very happy with how it all went ^^. If you can find and highlight the positive events in your life, that occurred in 2020, you’ll also feel a lot better!

As for the contribution of my own blog ^^;; I’m happy and humbled that I’m able to help out in making others relax. Ageplay helps me to relax, and I hope that I can portray that in my pictures!

I’ll keep posting pictures, don’t worry ^^

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