Hope you are doing alright and that you have a wonderful week!!

I always try to have a wonderful and energetic week ^^

Each morning I wake up to the reality which is adult life, and I have to leave my shark in my bed, while I cycle to work and do weird adult stuff that no one but a few people on earth will understand. When I return home, I have to clean up all my mess, prepare food for that evening and food for the next day breakfast and lunch. Afterwards, I’ll sit down to have a little bit of social interaction with people on the internet. Kinda sad to write a summary like this, but you have to make the best of it. The rona didn’t even change my routine all that much. I work a practical job so I can just go to the lab to do my thing without needing someone’s permission or something. I’m not the sort of person who went clothes or shoe shopping very often, beyond the necessity. Nowadays I do that even less. I don’t even order stuff online that often, because I feel that I already own everything that I want to own ^^. Maybe I’ll purchase a new laptop at the end of this year, but it’s probably not even necessary. What do people even do with their money each month? Mine goes to the little bit of rent that I pay, the food that I eat, and the remainder goes to my savings account.. What do you do? 


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