I know people ask u a lot, but do u wear 24/7, still potty trained??? Hehe PS: Happy New Year, Hope u have a wonderful one

Hello! Thank you so much for your Ask! And thank you for wishing me a happy new year!

I ageplay (and wear diapers) usually once per week on Saturday or Sunday. My little ageplay ‘sessions’ usually lost 4-8 hours before I return to the adult world ^^. This is what it would be like: I’ll quickly shower and wash myself fully. When I get out of the shower, fully naked, I’ll put baby oil and/or crème all over my sensitive area and butt. The diaper is opened up and fluffed up and put on the floor. I’ll sit down onto the diaper and I put some more creme on myself. Also usually I put some baby powder onto my sensitive area. The diaper is taped shut. For some diapers, I’ll apply a layer of clear packing tape on the diaper to make it extra tight and so that I can’t take the diaper off easily. When I’m not taking pictures, I’ll put on tight underwear to keep everything in place, and I’ll wear a soft pyjama over it. For my baby bottle, I’ll prepare some baby formula (milk), and when it’s done I’ll drink it in my bed. I’ll sit upright against the wall, hugging my shark plushie and holding up my bottle. (I feel kinda ill when I drink from a bottle while laying down, oops). In my head I pretend that someone is holding my bottle for me ^^. Maybe I’ll make some more warm formula so that my tummy feels warm and full. After 2 or 3 bottles, this is usually when I feel the most happy and bliss. It is an amazing feeling that I can’t describe well. I wish that this feeling would last forever. I’ll lay down on my bed, hugging my plush and sucking on a paci, put the blankets over myself, and doze off a little bit. There’s been so many times that I’ve fallen asleep here.. When I do, I’d wake up an hour later needing to pee. I sit up and let it run into the nappy, feeling it get warm and swell up. Afterwards, I get up, prepare some tea for myself and watch cartoons (or anime) for a bit. Maybe I’ll answer some messages on tumblr, who knows ^^. Unfortunatlely, sitting in a wet diaper turns me on and my adult body eventually forces me to masturbate by rubbing the front of my diaper. For me, this breaks and ends the ageplay and I’ll go to my bed to hump my shark and push a vibrator onto the front of my diaper. After an hour and having a few orgasms, I kinda wonder why I do this.. but it’s okay. It’s been a fun afternoon, and I’ll go shower and return back to the adult life ^^  

Sorry for not answering the Ask and instead writing a short description of my ageplay times. I hope that it’s okay.


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