If you had a million dollars, what would you after all the boring responsible stuff??

Thank you so much for sending me several Asks !! I really love answering these Asks ^^

xD If I won a million euros, I would help my sister with buying an appartement, I would like to take car driving lessons (I don’t have my license oops) and hm there’s a lot of stuff that I would probably do after carefully planning it. 

I really want to have a nursery for myself, with a big crib that my shark and I can sleep in. In the nursery, I would also like to have a play area with those really soft floor matting, where I can build legos and k’nex (definitely my favourite thing when I was a kid). I’d also like an area where I can watch cartoons and anime, on a comfy sofa with lots of pillows and such. Of course there would also be lots of diapers.

Hm it’s kinda frowned upon, but I really want to keep looking young. I understand that growing old is a perfectly normal process, and it’s one of life’s certainties. But, I can dream, right? If I had the money for it, I would probably see what I can do medically and surgically to keep looking young for a long time.. 

But well. I might also become an ugly crazy cat lady and adopt a dozen cats if I don’t have to work any more XD. I really really love cats, but I’ve unfortunately chosen a career where I don’t have much free time for myself and my family. Right now, I doubt I could even properly take care of a cat. 


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