In case I forget, happy early birthday! And welcome to the 30 club.

Oh sorry I have not yet responded to your private message ^^; . I sent you a message a few days ago because I randomly saw your username and it kinda amused me that you’re probably running low on fuel right now, because your local Starbucks may be closed xD. Who knows, maybe you can still pick up your orders by a counter or something. I also noticed that Carrefour (supermarket where I live) started selling coffee capsules which had the Starbucks logo on it! xD they gotta adapt

Thank you very much for wishing me a happy birthday! That’s really kind of you. And yeah, I’ve accepted my 4th decade membership ^^;;; Let’s see where life will take me in my 30s. Who knows.

I’ll probably stay active on tumblr for a few more years. My body hasn’t aged much the past 5 years so I hope that I can maintain some of my young looks. I would like to keep doing my tumblr blog because I like interacting with people. By sharing some of my pictures, it seems that people are interested in me ^^ oops. 


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