Have you tried the new black DryNites? I want them so badly but they’re not available in the US.

xD last time I wore bedwetting diapers, I was still an actual child. As an adult I never bought pull-ups because they don’t interest my abdl side. It’d probably be fun to wear a drynite and use a vibrator, because they’re much thinner, but abdl is much more to me than a strong orgasm in a diaper. It’s an interesting thing, though. Lots of abdl people are so strongly attracted to pull-ups. Maybe it’s because that’s what made them interested in diapers in the first place, who knows. I feel most “at home” when I can wear a diaper with tapes and a lot of fluff to pee into. 

What is it that you like about the black-colored drynites? Mostly the design?


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