How full is your nappy?








XD sorry. I get these Asks quite often and I tend not to respond to them. You can see in my pictures how “full” my nappy is, if you look closely. In a lot of abdl diapers, it’s hard to tell until you’ve really soaked the diaper to the point where it bulges. It’s no secret I pee myself when I’m ageplaying, right? And sometimes I end up taking pictures of myself where my diaper is very soaked. Is that okay? I hope it is, because I enjoy it a lot


Soaked 😅😊

soaked, indeedd

Nuh uh, I’m an adult, I don’t wet my diaper °<°

I also like your bulging diapers – enjoy

lots of people like my bulging diaper, it seems xD. I can’t help it, when I ageplay I’m just a little kid x_x

Wearing diapers and not using them is like walking in the rain and having a raincoat with you but not wearing it. Use your diapers where the are ment for! And some people just like them wet. And some use them for everything. It doesn’t matter. As long a you enjoy them!

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