I am in a weak spot tonight. My go to RomComs aren’t even helping. Not even my Christmas RomComs. And then I thought of something you said (wrote). You mentioned getting into your Little Space and I believe you said, “fluffing” a diaper. What, how, exactly is that, I have to ask. It sounds so exciting. I have no real intimacy anymore, but the act of preparing a diaper seems so intimate, so intimate. Even if it is for myself. I am so damned sad. I feel so profoundly lonely.

Hello @exhibitionwetter​ , I’m really sorry to hear that ^^;; . Loneliness is such a pervasive emotion and such a common one nowadays. It’s not good at all to feel lonely. The only intimacy that I have is hugging my shark at night, I haven’t touched another human being in months :(. But my role for you, and for others, is to be positive. I wanna be a positive light for everyone who follows my tumblr blog. I’ll post daily new pictures, answer as many Asks as I can, answer as many private messages as I can.. to try and cheer everyone up. From doing this for years now, it’s something that I must continue doing, right? 

Fluffing up a diaper means to return it to its original thickness, how it was intended. Just like a fleece blanket (or like, a matrass), they compress diapers before putting them into the packaging, so that the diapers take up less space in shipping and in the pharmacies/warehouses. When you take them out of the packaging, they’re very stiff and flat.. If you search for “fluff your diaper!” you’ll find out how you can do it! (it’s very easy). Once the diaper is fluff again, it is less stiff to the touch and slightly thicker ^^


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