Your funniest/goofiest diaper delivery story pls

I’m not sure what could be funny or goofy about having diapers delivered? Normally it arrives in a brown paper box with my name and address written on it, dropped in the hallway of the apartment building where I live? I work full-time so I’m never at home to receive packages. Thankfully my current residence and my previous one is high-trust and I’ve never had something stolen. The mail people just put it in the hallway and that’s it ^^, that’s where I find it when I get home. Hm though occasionally they’ll leave a note so I pick it up at a nearby parcel shop.

I take the box upstairs, open it up, and I put the diaper packages in my clothing closet or wherever else I have space. Then whenever I feel like it, I take out a diaper, decompress and fluff it up, tape it on myself and pretend to be a little kid who needs diapers. That last part is probably funny and goofy to lots of people, but I kinda assume that my audience here doesn’t look at my pictures to laugh at me, right? I realize that ABDL looks absurd if you’re not into it, but I really try my best to make it seem cute and innocent. ABDL really has a bad reputation of being done by obese middle-aged hairy guys. Hm. That last thing wasn’t necessarily to discourage anyone. Nevermind. I just want to be the cutest and smollest diaper-wearing dork out there ^^


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