Do you play any video games? If so, what do you like to play?

There’s a few games that I play. Pokemon stuff (PoGo, SunMoon, Sword), Animal Crossing, Touhou.. In the past I played a lot of Mario Kart, Monkey Island, Sims, Civilization (4?), Neptunia, Nekopara, Audiosurf, Analogue a Hate story, Wizardry 8, Skyrim, Heavy Rain, Beyond two Souls, and lots of older SNES games like Donkey kong country, Metroid, and hm probably some others that I’ve forgotten about. Games are fun when you’re a kid or a student with lots of free time, but I kinda don’t have the time any more to be immersed in a videogame. Every time my mind wanders and the immersion is kinda gone. I can catch pokemon on the streets but this isn’t really a game compared to those others, maybe

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