Do you wear 24/7? If not, how often? I do, and it has its challenges, but that’s life. Have an awesome day!

I usually wear a diaper once per week. Either on Friday evening or on Saturday/Sunday all day ^^. But besides diapers I do a little bit of ageplay each day. My pajamas are super cute, I sleep with my big plushie every night, and sometimes I sleep with my adult paci. I can go without all those things but after a week I start to feel a growing desire to ageplay, and I do dream (during sleeping) of wearing a diaper, sometimes. It’s weird. But I would not like to wear diapers all the time (24/7). I think that it would disrupt my life and it would not help me with my ageplay. I work during the day, and besides work I’m still a functioning human being and diapers aren’t really that comfortable to wear when you’re doing actual adult stuff like working, commuting, shopping and doing the dishes xD. Maybe if I could find a thin diaper that still makes me feel babyish, I’d wear it at night while sleeping. But I haven’t found such a diaper yet and wearing a diaper to bed kinda disrupts my sleep ^^;; Ah well. The plushie doesn’t, he helps me to sleep


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