Hello ^^ I was wondering did you start a new activity to distract yourself with the Covid locked-down? (I started to paint Warhammer miniature, quite a meditative activity)And I remember you told us you liked photography. I would be nice to see some of the picture you take :)Keep up your work, it’s nice to see your post ;)

I started a new job in a different country xD. No one is gonna stop me from doing science, not even an infectious illness. 

hm but for real, I didn’t start a new hobby or something. I’ve been quite busy getting settled. I do like photography, yes. The pictures that I post to this blog are all taken by me! (apart from reblogs that are tagged as not-mine). I usually don’t post non-abdl pictures, because people don’t care much about them. I wonder what to even do with all the pictures that I’ve taken; cameras are such commodity items, nowadays.  


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