What do you think of when your are… you know… doing the naughty thing? Any special fantasies or scenarios that get you going? I’m sorry if this is inappropriate for you, don’t feel pressured to answer this :)

I’m sorry, I tend not to answer lewd Asks and messages. I know that I occasionally mention it on my own accord, and I should definitely try to keep the lewdness to a minimum. I’m not a SFW ageplaying blog; there’s too many suggestive pictures on my blog. However, I don’t want to be (seen as) a pornblog. I don’t even know why I’m taking all these pictures and exposing myself on the internet. By logic, I probably should not be doing it. I’m going to make a mistake one day and accidentally get identified by someone IRL. Or maybe I’ll take negative comments too close to heart and internalize them as actual character flaws while they might not even be genuine to begin with. (Same goes with accepting too many positive remarks). Why do you think that I do this? It’s probably for getting attention, if I were to guess.. I do really like all the attention that I get, and all the interactions ^^

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