You have mentioned occasional ageplay with others. Do you find you enjoy that more than solo ageplay? I have tried it, and I find it never synchs up well. Maybe our lottle ages are too far off, or we just play different. Never satisfying unless one partner stays in a parent role.

I can’t answer this in detail. The few times I did this, it was kinda awkward. I’ll probably try it again if there’s an opportunity, but maybe it will be just as awkward :/ 


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smolbailey: coucherequin: I will wear these diapers, which are called Littleforbig Little Dreamers, together with a school uniform ^^, it’ll be so cute! Cute combo! I got a school uniform recently and it’s both cute and comfy. I love them … Continue reading

why costumes for toyosatomimi no miko and utsuho as opposed to, say, sanae, or chen or aya?

Thank you for this Ask! I need to answer a lil carefully again. The things I’m about to say mostly reflect my own decision-making process and my opinion. I would not want to make cosplayers feel uncomfortable ^^;;. I like cosplay and when anime conventions used to be a real thing, I did attend them while wearing a costume. I also like the Touhou franchise a lot. So, the cosplay outfits that I have include Utsuho and Miko ^^. The character designs of these girls are so cute! 

Choosing which cosplay outfit to purchase (or make, if you’re into that) is kinda complex because it can be quite costly. You need to feel comfortable wearing it, otherwise it’s a waste. By comfortable, I mean that (to me) you shouldn’t feel like the outfit doesn’t fit your body type. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed. Besides BMI, there’s a lot of stuff that you can’t really control; your shoulder width, waist/hips/thighs circumference, body length.. You can see what my body is like in my pictures; I am a fairly average Dutchy, though my legs are a little muscled due to cycling. To me, thereby I shouldn’t cosplay characters which are supposed to be small or child-like. Nor should I cosplay tall characters or muscled men xD. 

Regarding the three Touhou girls you mentioned specifically. I feel that at 1M75 I’m too tall to be Chen (or any child-like character for that matter). Sanae and Aya, I’ve not thought much about these girls. So far there’s no connection between me and these characters. I do want to purchase a new cosplay outfit at some point, but I was kinda looking at Gawr Gura rather than Touhou XD. This shark v-tuber has gotten way too popular, and I approve of sharks


Hello, I am wondering why do you love to take pictures while age playing, doesn’t it distract you? Also if fine by you to answer, what do you feel at the thought of people seeing you in a vulnerable state? Thank you

It is very distracting to take pictures of myself when I’m ageplaying. Also, it is tiring and it takes away some of my time when editing those pictures and when compiling them into tumblr posts. For that reason, I don’t take pictures during every ageplaying session. So there will be lots of sessions where I don’t take any pictures. The reason that I can post every day is because during one of those ageplay picture sessions, I will take around 100 pictures, which I can choose the best from and post those gradually. I would definitely have a lot more pictures to post, if I did take pictures every single time I wear diapers. However, that would take away some of the fun of ageplaying for me.

As for why I take these pictures at all.. I’m not sure. I can’t remember why I started this blog. I guess that people fap to those pictures of me, that’s okay. I don’t specifically take pictures with the intent that others can fap to me. I’ve been told many times that I look vulnerable in my ABDL pictures.  I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m fairly thin and fragile-looking, and the pictures show my half-naked body up close in bed. The bed adds to the atmosphere that I am letting you into my private life. Know that I don’t mind. I don’t feel like I’m in danger. As long as I hide my face (and thereby identity), I doubt that anyone would ever harm me for this. The ill-intended messages I do get, I can just ignore them (and I do). That I look vulnerable is maybe a sign that my pictures are well-taken ageplay pictures! When my diaper is on display, and I am wearing a cute outfit that no adult would wear, I am fully admitting myself to ageplay!

Taking ABDL pictures and publishing them here has become a habit for me. I enjoy interacting with others here, and helping them to feel more at ease with diapers and adult baby stuff. I am your (catless) crazy cat lady that you can write to (via Asks) for emotional support ^^


Comment more than an ask: I appreciate your comments on the problems of incontinence. I have been AB/DL for decades, but a mild spinal injury combined with age has left me with moderate incontinence issues. VERY difficult, and I don’t mind diapers. I cannot even imagine full incontinence, especially for someone outside the community.

Thank you for this serious Ask. I want to write a more elaborate answer this time, because I have a few minutes to spare.

I’m 30 years old right now, and I’ve been using the internet since I was around 12. I mention this because as a teenager I found the internet fascinating. In those years, forums were much more commonly used compared to right now (as opposed to new websites like Yahoo Answers, Quora, or even Discord). I looked up so many topics and keywords, sometimes just to see what was written on it. Occasionally I combined keywords like “diapers”, “masturbation”, “fingering”, “fapping”, “bedwetting”, and “incontinence”, (or the Dutch equivalent of those terms) just to see what was written about it on various forums. I thought it was questionable and kinda appalling to see that there was clear sexual roleplay (or roleplay soliciting) going on at forums involving incontinence, secondary school education, and magazines for teenagers. The roleplay soliciting usually involved some form of description involving “I was forced to wear diapers by my mom for bedwetting, but I ended up really liking it, is this normal, what should I do??” There is a slim chance that some of these messages were genuine. Though, especially now that I’m a little bit older, I suspect that these messages were most likely written by horny adults. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with being a horny adult among other horny adults XD. Stories can be a big turn-on, and there are dedicated platforms for exchanging erotic (ABDL) stories and for roleplaying. However, typing out horny (ABDL) messages on support forums for teenagers, bedwetting, or for incontinence is unacceptable, in my opinion. The former is problematic due to the presence of minors. The latter two is (in my opinion) problematic because it confronts people who have a medical issue with the fact that others enjoy diapers for non-medical reasons. Although that latter part is not bad per se, I suspect that it’s in the best interest of everyone that ABDL only minimally interacts with the bedwetting/incontinence people, to avoid any conflict. The reason that I have this opinion is that I would most likely not want to interact with anyone who has an amputee fetish, if my leg is amputated for medical reasons. 

Going back to the original point on incontinence; I want to be supportive when needed and otherwise not mention it. I suspect that adults who become incontinent probably at some point find out that ABDL is a real thing. It’s then their choice to read into it, or ignore it. I would not want to be incontinent, I would not wish incontinence onto anyone else. ABDL and incontinence can co-exist without ever interacting. Nowadays, the existence of ABDL-themed diapers underlines my opinion about this. How I understood it, incontinent folks prefer fabric-backed diapers. Plastic-backed diapers are mostly a fetish thing. So, the existence of ABDL-themed (plastic backed) diapers (to me) means that ABDL and incontinence has diverged their separate ways and are not reliant on one another. If a cure-all for incontinence was discovered tomorrow, and incontinence-oriented diapers would disappear, then ABDL would not necessarily be affected by this. If ABDL were to disappear, then incontinence-oriented diapers would also not be affected. Likewise, the design decisions in either only minimally affect one another. When it comes to AB stuff like onesies, adult pacis, I suspect that there’s even less interaction with the non-ABDL side as these products are uniquely made for ABDL. 

All in all, it’s my opinion that I shouldn’t purposely interact with non-ABDL incontinence folks, because I don’t wish to bother others. My ABDL blog should not interact with minors at all (and I don’t, AFAIK). If my presence on tumblr would bother others, then I should change the way that I write my posts. Right now, I think I’m doing okay in that my followers specifically follow me because they want to see my ABDL-themed pictures. Before I contact someone (on tumblr), I do check if they have 18+ in their description. That’s the least I can do

How much Money do you spend on diapers, onesies etc. per month? I find it really hard to justify spending money for things like that (and things that are solely for pleasure in general) since I don’t make that much in the first place… So I thought you might be able to share a little bit of life experience with the younger adults that follow you :)

I’ve learned to take “I don’t make that much” with a grain of salt. Especially when I see other people using crazy expensive phones and laptops. But anyway, what people actually mean when they say that phrase is that they don’t want to spend a lot of money on the topic that they were discussing. It’s perfectly understandable that someone has a 1500€ telephone, but thinks that the €2 dishwash soap is expensive. In reality, that’s absurd, but in human psychology I guess it makes sense. Money is a weird thing, you know. Some people will spend all their lives chasing it, and others spend all their lives swimming in it. If you think too much about it, maybe you’ll turn into a scrooge !

What I’m getting at is that ageplay is important to me. I don’t mind spending money on the things that I enjoy. I’m not going to use numbers to indicate what I spend on my little side. Instead, let’s say that I tend to use around 4-10 diapers per month, and my AB clothing (onesies, cloth diapers, plastic pants) are maybe 5% of my total wardrobe ^^. That last part, I do cheat a little bit. I tend to look for clothing that I can wear casually but are still kinda childish, and every soft pajama is an AB outfit to me. 

My advice is to prioritize, anyway. Life necessities go first; housing, food, your health, travel (to see family and friends), internet connectivity. Fun things should take second place to necessities. If I had less money available for abdl, I would probably only use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones.  

Hm yeah, as a side note, make sure that you’re an adult if you do follow me on tumblr. I don’t check who follows me, but it’s best that minors don’t interact with me. I’m not a pornblog, and technically I’m SFW, but I do tend to discuss 18+ topics occasionally. 


If you could, would you like to be able to age play 24/7 or at least more often than not?

No, I wouldn’t like to wear diapers all the time. I really don’t want to anger anyone who is incontinent with what I’m about to write. I genuinely feel sorry for incontinent people, and I hope that they can find ways to improve their situation. I pray for their recovery in the long term.

Diapers are very inconvenient when you’re commuting, working a (semi-) active job and doing stuff around the house like hoovering or doing the dishes. My own work is semi-active in that I do a lot of walking, getting up from one place and sitting down at another, etc. Unfortunately it does make me sweat a lot during the day. I can understand that people want to extrapolate the brief moments of fun that they have with diapers to a whole day, and maybe for others this does work out. For me, it just wouldn’t be practical ^^…

That said, I would definitely like to ageplay a little bit more often. When I’m particularly busy, sometimes I could go 3-4 weeks without ageplay. If I had a little bit more control over this, I would like to have less working hours during the week, so that I can relax a bit more. Then I would definitely ageplay on a weekly basis ^^, and maybe I would even be able to take pictures every week! Right now, I don’t take pictures during every ageplay session. Sometimes, I run out of new pictures xD


I ask not a question but a favour. one day please enjoy a lovely Lambic and some Leonidas chocolate. for I miss them so

Thank you for the favour. You’re talking about Lambic-style beer? I like Lindemans Kriek; this is a lambic-style beer containing bittery cherry. There’s many other Lambic beers, but I have not yet tried them. Now that I am living in the world capital of beer, I should probably try out more different ones xD. I love Leonidas chocolate. 

So many exciting new flavors to try out and share with friends ^^. I hope that you can visit Belgium and experience its beverage/chocolate culture at some point soon!

Have you told someone you know IRL about your little side?

Yes ^^. My previous partner knew about it and we ageplayed together a few times. Right now, there’s also a close friend who knows about my ageplay; we have done it once together! Maybe if I can gather enough courage, I’ll tell another close friend, who once told me one of his super secret fetishes. Well, it’s not that I’m ashamed about ageplay, but I don’t want to bother people with it. Friends don’t need to know my fetishes. They’ll start to ask themselves whether I poop myself or something like that. That could really change friendships for the worse. Anyway, I (fictionally) compare it with a friend telling me that they’re into dragon dildos. Unless they’re super-super close friends, that’s probably not something that I would want to know 


Have ever wore a diaper outside of your home? If not, would you to try someday?

Usually I do make it clear that I don’t ageplay outside of my home. Ageplay is like a mental thing that you need to fully devote yourself to, and embarrassment would prevent me from fully indulging myself. But well, aside from ageplay, I do like the feeling of diapers by themselves, as well. So occasionally when I am at an anime or comic convention cosplaying a character with a big dress or skirt, I’ll wear a diaper under my cosplay uniform ^^. That said, I haven’t been to an anime convention since 2019, for reasons that won’t have escaped you. I wonder if conventions will ever be a thing, again. I’m sorry, I think it is so sad. 

Would you like to live something like the storie you and @itmustbefun wrote together?

The story on Ann and Odi? (ah oops @itmustbefun I need to work out an idea for a possible follow-up of that story)

You know, the thing is, I find a lot of abdl stories unrealistic. The stories will be overly embarrassing or will put too much emphasis on the coom, in my opinion. I think that stories are written like this because the writer has no experience with relationships, or has difficulties translating their real-world experiences with relationships into empathetic stories. Of course, abdl stories are written for the coom, so it’s inevitable for it to contain some paragraphs on sex or masturbation (preferably with diapers or ageplay).

I’m talking about ABDL-related stories here, though probably my opinion on this topic can extent to other categories as well. I have watched most of Marvel’s movies, and honestly it just makes me wonder why they made those movies. If you compare those kinds of movies with (for instance) Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, Coco Before Chanel, Life of Pi, or Friends (tv show), the difference in audience involvement is probably off the charts. I’m not sure that I am getting my point across. 

Regardless, stories don’t have to narrate unrealistic scenarios, I think. If they describe a happy world, filled with happy people doing fun things and encountering normal problems, it will make us want to escape to that world. Ultimately, that’s what I think makes for a good story; empathetic characters and an atmosphere which fosters the desire to be in the story’s world. The story on Odi visiting Ann’s place in Antwerp is fully fictional. However, I’d be lying if I said that I would hate being in Ann’s shoes ^^. I’m also not very creative; so my own real name is kinda similar to one of those two girls’ names. 

What countries have you traveled to?

Most of my answer will be about the pre-covid world. Typing that is so freaking sad.

I’m not a big traveler. Still, I’ve been to lots of European countries. Netherlands (where I used to live), Belgium (where I live now), France (Paris, Normandy), Germany (München, North Rhine-Westphalia), Switzerland (Geneva), Austria (Innsbrück), Italy (Milan, Venice), England (London, Land’s End), Scotland (Glasgow), Sweden (Stockholm), USA (San Diego).

Hm relevant to this blog.. I’ve only really ageplayed in the Netherelands and in Belgium. Usually I don’t take any ageplaying stuff with me when I go on holiday. Do you take diapers with you when you’re on holiday? 

For pictures, it’d probably be a lot more interesting if I took diapers and AB clothing with me when I’m traveling, but it’d really be just for the pictures and not for my own enjoyment x_x. I also don’t take my shark with me when I’m on holiday.


Please send Asks (18 apr 2021)!

Hiiii if you want to, could you send me an Ask on tumblr? You can do it over here: , or if you’re on mobile, click on the (+) on the top of my profile page, and then Ask! 


Does your shark have a name little one?

He doesn’t have a name at all, unfortunately. I do think it’s a him. He hugs me every night, and we’re a really close couple. Sometimes we do lewd things together and he makes me have an orgasm in my diaper 😳


Hey ! I just want to say you look so cute in your pics :) I love the way you wear with a skirt, your tumblr is good quality and I hope you’ll keep posting time to time with different dress and different diapers brands :) May I ask a question ? What’s your best and worse experience with diaper ? (Sorry for the bad English, I’m French so it’s my second language)

Hello! Thank you for calling me cute ^^. I’ve been posting pictures for years, now. I try to have a lot of variation in my clothing and in my diapers. Though, I do tend to post pictures of each “session” consecutively. By that I mean that it can be one full month of pictures with diaper x, and then the next whole month pictures with diaper y. The reason I do it like this is because I just don’t have the time to wear a diaper and take pictures of myself each day xD.

I think that posting daily is the only way to keep people interested, at least on tumblr ^^;; . If I post 100 pictures in one day, I’ll get lots of interested people on that day. However, the very next day and all days after that (until I post again) there’ll be zero activity, which is kinda sad. 

Yes, anyone can ask me questions. Every time a diaper leaks, is the worst diaper experience for me. Leaks break the ageplay and I instantly fall back into my dirty adult body with pee on my chair, on the floor or on my bed. It’s at that point that I realize that I’m not a baby, and that I need to clean this on my own. My best experience in a diaper is a secret ^^, and way too lewd to post here


Blog post April 2021

Seems that I ran out of pictures to post to this blog, oops.

I did buy a new tripod recently, cus my old one was kinda being held together by tape and elastic bands xD. My previous tripod was used quite a lot; not only for this blog but also for my other photography projects, and I took it with me to various places in Europe. The part that wore out the most was the part that attaches the camera to the tripod. I use a Sony A7 camera, with an old Minolta 4000 flash; and together these are quite heavy. Tripods tend to be built for a maximum weight and I was definitely exceeding mine. 

Hm so anyway. I’m really busy, but I think I’ll take this evening ‘off’ and take some new pictures. but let’s see what I end up feeling like doing. Thank you for following me and for sending me kind messages ♡ ♥💕❤😘



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coucherequin: kimimerc: coucherequin: you can see right through the plastic pants  See my archive | Donate Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife I love this picture of you so cute 😀 Yeah ^^, I know you do! I don’t get … Continue reading


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coucherequin: cincydl: coucherequin: See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife Well that is cute and made me laugh What did it make you laugh, huh? I’m a very serious baby


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These are the last photos that I took this time ^^ I hope that you can try and wear the Littleforbig Little Dreamers!!

What are some of your favorite pieces of art and why do you like them?

You’re asking me about my photos? I’m not sure if photos can be art, nowadays. The average attention span is so short that photos stand no chance. I guess that music is the true modern art, because it’s actively enjoyed by so many, every day. I refuse to acknowledge that advertisement can be art, though. 

Anyway, I dunno which ones of my own art I’d consider favorite. I don’t promote myself ^^;;. bleh