Hey ! I just want to say you look so cute in your pics :) I love the way you wear with a skirt, your tumblr is good quality and I hope you’ll keep posting time to time with different dress and different diapers brands :) May I ask a question ? What’s your best and worse experience with diaper ? (Sorry for the bad English, I’m French so it’s my second language)

Hello! Thank you for calling me cute ^^. I’ve been posting pictures for years, now. I try to have a lot of variation in my clothing and in my diapers. Though, I do tend to post pictures of each “session” consecutively. By that I mean that it can be one full month of pictures with diaper x, and then the next whole month pictures with diaper y. The reason I do it like this is because I just don’t have the time to wear a diaper and take pictures of myself each day xD.

I think that posting daily is the only way to keep people interested, at least on tumblr ^^;; . If I post 100 pictures in one day, I’ll get lots of interested people on that day. However, the very next day and all days after that (until I post again) there’ll be zero activity, which is kinda sad. 

Yes, anyone can ask me questions. Every time a diaper leaks, is the worst diaper experience for me. Leaks break the ageplay and I instantly fall back into my dirty adult body with pee on my chair, on the floor or on my bed. It’s at that point that I realize that I’m not a baby, and that I need to clean this on my own. My best experience in a diaper is a secret ^^, and way too lewd to post here


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