What countries have you traveled to?

Most of my answer will be about the pre-covid world. Typing that is so freaking sad.

I’m not a big traveler. Still, I’ve been to lots of European countries. Netherlands (where I used to live), Belgium (where I live now), France (Paris, Normandy), Germany (München, North Rhine-Westphalia), Switzerland (Geneva), Austria (Innsbrück), Italy (Milan, Venice), England (London, Land’s End), Scotland (Glasgow), Sweden (Stockholm), USA (San Diego).

Hm relevant to this blog.. I’ve only really ageplayed in the Netherelands and in Belgium. Usually I don’t take any ageplaying stuff with me when I go on holiday. Do you take diapers with you when you’re on holiday? 

For pictures, it’d probably be a lot more interesting if I took diapers and AB clothing with me when I’m traveling, but it’d really be just for the pictures and not for my own enjoyment x_x. I also don’t take my shark with me when I’m on holiday.


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