Would you like to live something like the storie you and @itmustbefun wrote together?

The story on Ann and Odi? (ah oops @itmustbefun I need to work out an idea for a possible follow-up of that story)

You know, the thing is, I find a lot of abdl stories unrealistic. The stories will be overly embarrassing or will put too much emphasis on the coom, in my opinion. I think that stories are written like this because the writer has no experience with relationships, or has difficulties translating their real-world experiences with relationships into empathetic stories. Of course, abdl stories are written for the coom, so it’s inevitable for it to contain some paragraphs on sex or masturbation (preferably with diapers or ageplay).

I’m talking about ABDL-related stories here, though probably my opinion on this topic can extent to other categories as well. I have watched most of Marvel’s movies, and honestly it just makes me wonder why they made those movies. If you compare those kinds of movies with (for instance) Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, Coco Before Chanel, Life of Pi, or Friends (tv show), the difference in audience involvement is probably off the charts. I’m not sure that I am getting my point across. 

Regardless, stories don’t have to narrate unrealistic scenarios, I think. If they describe a happy world, filled with happy people doing fun things and encountering normal problems, it will make us want to escape to that world. Ultimately, that’s what I think makes for a good story; empathetic characters and an atmosphere which fosters the desire to be in the story’s world. The story on Odi visiting Ann’s place in Antwerp is fully fictional. However, I’d be lying if I said that I would hate being in Ann’s shoes ^^. I’m also not very creative; so my own real name is kinda similar to one of those two girls’ names. 

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