Do you have some baby toy for when you ageplay? If not do you want some for some more fun session?Or maybe you have some naughty adult toy?

Sorry for not answering my Asks earlier.. I still have a few in my inbox but please feel free to send me any Ask that you want to.

I have a lot of baby stuff aside from diapers and clothing, like pacis, powder, creams, foods, and bottles, but I don’t have any baby toys right now. It is my dream to have a real nursery with a crib for me to sleep in every day, with plushies and pillows everywhere. There would be soft carpeting on the floor, big curtains to make the room feel very cozy , and lots of things for me to play with ^^

Hm for adult toys I’m kinda addicted to my vibe, I use it way too often. I don’t really like being so dependent on it cus I can barely cum any more without it :/


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