For you, what are the characteristics of a diaper that make you feel like a cutesy baby? His bulkiness, how it expand, it’s squishness when it’s wet?

There’s something about the design (the physical hourglass shape) that makes or breaks it for me. Crinklz diapers have a really cute print in my opinion but they tend to “ride up” on me. This makes me want to run my finger along the inside elastic band of the diaper, and pull that part of the diaper back to the side once in a while. I suspect that this is because of the width of the middle part of the diaper being too narrow? The Rearz Princess Pink diapers don’t do this. I don’t have a direct size comparison of these two diapers, but by looking at these two pictures, the Princess Pink does look much wider compared to the Crinklz Astronauts. Both diapers are amazing, don’t get me wrong ❤️

Hm sorry the original question was what about a diaper makes me feel like a little baby. There’s another question in my inbox right now on pullups which is related to this. I suspect that the diaper “seed” was planted in my mind by a tape diaper whereas this was done by a pullup in other people. Does that make sense? Whatever the initiating factor was for me to start liking diapers, it must have been a thick tape-on diaper. I’ve been meaning to ask my mom about the period that I wet the bed but I haven’t gathered the courage for it yet. I wet the bed until around age 7-8; little kid coucherequin must have been too big by then for actual baby diapers and instead (probably) used hospital diapers for older kids. Around this age, sexual orientation and fetishes are formed, I think. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to consider that a diaper, with its intimateness and proximity to your sexual organs, can get associated with sexuality when applied at the right age.

As for wetness.. Some people don’t use their diapers, they pee their diapers, or they do #2 as well. I like wetting myself when I’m wearing a diaper because it feels like a rush and I like the feeling of the slightly damp material pushing against me. I’m not into #2, unfortunately, and can’t talk about it. ^^ Thank you for this Ask and sorry for the delay in answering it!


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