Hope your ok baby’s tend to fall sometimes how’s the weather there do you live near the ocean

Hm well it kinda hurt when I fell off my bike. I’m not hurt hurt, but I’m still sore all over. I was planning on taking pictures of myself in the 26-27 june weekend, but I have bruises and a wound on my leg which are not photogenic at all. I hope to be able to take new pictures of myself next weekend when I’m healed up.

I don’t live near the ocean, I’m afraid. The ocean is about 1:30 hour travelling away from me. The weather is the same as in Netherlands xD; like most of continental West Europe. Not too warm, not too cold, lots of rain in Spring and Fall, little bit of snow in Winter and draught in Summer. That plus 2 weeks of heatwave per year. The first week of heatwave was last week. I can say this many times: I’m a really happy person and there’s nothing that I could complain about ^^. Life is fun and filled with little pleasures and adventures. My tumblr blog is a glimpse into some of the pleasures and adventures that I enjoy. I hope that I can inspire others to find their own happiness!


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