What was your favourite high school course?

Thank you for sending me this Ask! XD highschool was a long time ago for me. I was 17 when I left highschool (I only did the Dutch “HAVO” which is like the middle-level). I’m 30 right now. Time flies, huh?

I liked biology class most. I didn’t end up studying or working in a classical ‘biology’ related thing. Biomedical sciences, in which I do work, finds its origin in biology, and it definitely still shares some aspects of biology. Though, ultimately I wouldn’t bunch together the people who studied biology and those who studied biomedical sciences or biomedical engineering or something like that. Medical sciences has (rightfully so) a strong emphasis on mammalian biology and biochemistry as we humans, our farm animals and our pets are mammals. Over time I did get fully invested into understanding mammalian biology over (for instance) avian or reptilian (… starting to sound like Pokemon now). Nonetheless, I understand that mammalian biology is strongly reliant on other kingdoms of life like fungi (for making beer, bread, wine), bacteria (infections, for synthesizing medication), virii (infections, genetic vectors), plants (food, coffee, decoration) and even archaea (symbiotic cleaners) and protozoa. I admittedly don’t read as much outside my own expertise as I used to, but I’m still very interested in understanding the (biological) world around me and how it all fits together. The human mind seems to find comfort in having an answer to the things we observe, and I’m no exception to that.


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