Can we diaper check you?



xD Well you could, but I am not wearing a diaper right at this moment
:<. I should really take new pictures of my ageplaying soon. I haven’t taken any new pictures for some time, already, and I owe it to you to have new pictures..

Instead, I will send you two (old) pictures of me wearing a Rearz Incontrol with plastic pants on top ^^. I know how much some of you like wearing plastic pants over your nappy!


Thank you for wearing those nice plastic pants

Hm yeah ^^ , posing with plastic pants is fun cus so many people seem to like seeing plastic pants on me. As long as I can wear diapers, I will be a happy little baby, it is okay for me to wear a plastic pants over my diaper

Maybe it would be fun to sleep together with another adult baby and we would press our plastic pants together while we sleep in each others arms !! And occasionally our pacis would bump together. I would melt into a little puddle and not be able to think any more

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