Which parts of science do you find interesting? Do you believe we’ll figure out everything eventually? Which recent development excites you the most?Also, how do magnets work? It’s like magic.

“Science” is huge, though as far as I understood it, most money is in medical sciences / pharmaceutical, chemical, physics and electrical/RF stuff. I’m strictly into medical sciences, and in particular long-term mammalian health. I couldn’t really tell you what I exactly work on cus you could google my name in 5 seconds. I’m an author on 9 peer-reviewed publications now and I’m working / collaborating on several manuscripts which will be submitted at some point.

I like the recent advances in DNA/RNA sequencing technologies. It has become so cheap that it is almost a mundane lab technique. Its cheapness also is leading to creative ways to apply the technology which were previously prohibitively expensive. Even on a consumer level you can get your whole genome read at high quality for like 500€, it is really astonishing. You could use that data now and in the future whenever new discoveries are made.

I dunno how magnets work. It is some sort of permanent charged state that can interface with electrical fields. It makes no sense to me but of course it has a good physics explanation.

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