Hiya.. when was the last time you went on a date ?



A long time ago..

Not really a date; but in about 2 weeks from now, a really good friend is going to visit my home and we’ll do lots and lots of things together! I am looking forward to it, and we will make the best of it by trying to visit restaurants, walking around the neighborhoods around my home, maybe visiting Brussels and Maastricht (do you know these cities?)

Maybe I should get a little oven for in my home, so I can prepare some baked stuff too ^^ (I only have a stove and a microwave). What do you suggest that I serve for food to my friend?

Is it a male or female coming too visit ?

I’m sure the are many restaurants and places too visit while they stay with you and your have a lot fun together… I’ve never been too Brussels but would love too visit 1 day

I wouldn’t bother with home cooking as it’s so much easier too eat out , hope you and your friend have a lovely time x

A female friend is going to visit me in my home. But it wouldn’t matter anyway because we don’t do anything sexual to each other. 

Yeah, I will draft a lil plan for what we’re gonna do during our holiday. I could visit Brussels cus it’s only like 20 min away from me, but I’ll have to think about it.. And as for home cooking, well I’ll probably still do breakfast, lunch and evening snacks cus otherwise it gets wicked expensive and complicated. Dinners can be outdoors for sure ^^

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