In fact, you look very attractive wearing a pair of plastic pants over your diaper. Please allow me to share my personal experience without invitation. Since a very full diaper feels fine but leaks with awkward movements or positions, an extra pair of plastic pants allows you to fill a diaper to its maximum without wetting the bed or clothing.



xD hm okay. I don’t think that a plastic pants over a disposable diaper is of much use. A disposable diaper always leaks around your thighs, and a plastic pants doesn’t stop anything there cus it’s not like it’s actually watertight around your legs

Plastic pants were originally intended for cloth diapers. When I have a plastic pants on in my pictures, I am doing it for the aesthetics ^^.


Nice view in your plastic pants

Is it a nice view? Hm looking at this picture makes me realize that it is one of the last pictures that I took at my previous apartment ^^… I had already taken away some of my furniture; in the back of the picture you can see that the table which used to be there is no longer there. I kept my bed there until the very last day of course, cus I needed a place to sleep. It was quite stressful to prepare my stuff to move, and despite all my preparations some stuff still got damaged from the moving :/. Oh well, that is all in the past and we live in the present ^^

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