Is there anything you like to do you feel you don’t do well? Wonderful pictures, great choice in diapers (you need more plastic pants), enjoyable videos while travelling, Shared your cute kittys, cute stuffies… look out SHARK!What other interests do you have or do feel are developing as you grow up? (I know you say you are 30 but really just a mere three now). And speaking of growing up. Will you ever be or do you want to be potty trained?

I wish that I was a lil better at socializing and making new friends. There’s very few people who I consider as true friends, and it takes me a long time before I would consider someone as a friend. I’m unsure if it’s trust issues, previous bad experiences, my own social clumsiness or any combination of these. I’d never blame others for it. Regardless of what’s the cause, the result of it is that I’m a lil lonely sometimes (and probably why I’m still single). Those who tried chatting with me on tumblr have probably realized that I’m quite difficult to talk to…

I do have many other interests. I’m a very busy person and there’s a lot of things that I want to get done and that I want to learn. It’s too much to discuss here ^^. I do still need to develop my career to where I have a long-term contract instead of a temporary one. That also goes hand in hand with my desire to have my own apartment (so I don’t rent). It comes down to wanting to have a lil more stability in my life. For the time being, it’s okay that a lot of long-term things are uncertain, but it’s not sustainable.

I do want to develop my photography skills further. I realize that I am good at it, but I’m definitely not a professional. There’s many things that I still need to learn and I do really want to improve further.

Your last question.. just to be clear, abdl and littlespace is a fun thing for me, I am not incontinent and I don’t wear diapers all the time. I have set up my tumblr in such a way that it posts a new post every day, which makes it seem like I wear diapers every day, but that is not the case. But no, I wouldn’t want to grow out of diapers ^^. Wearing diapers makes me happy and I’ll continue doing it for as long as I am healthy. And in case I end up in a relationship where my partner is not okay with me wearing diapers, well there’s the door ^^, goodbye.

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