Haiii! Hope you’re having a wonderful day ๐Ÿ˜ŠIs there any country/place you really wanna travel to and explore?

Thank you for this Ask! But I’m sorry, I don’t really travel for the purpose of seeing places. Instead, I would like to visit some of the people who I have met on the internet. The vice versa, me wanting to welcome those internet friends in my own home, is also true ^^.

I understand the built-in desire to see places, but there’s an aspect about my personality that is a lil strange. I would really like to produce content for the enjoyment of others. I take photos, I make music, I write, I learn, I do scientific work, etc. Being outdoors for the purpose of seeing stuff competes with the time that I can spend on the aforementioned. Of course, seeing friends also competes with that, but to me they are way more worth it than seeing old cathedrals ^^. My opinion regarding this may change in the future, though for now this is it. I do still want to go Disneyland…


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