How much liquid do you consume before and during your age playing in order to soak your nappy, do you like it to be really full or near too leaking before you decide to stop age playing? Do you drink water or something else to make you pee more?

Regardless of what you’re doing, you should drink a lot of water throughout the day, if you can ^^. Your pee shouldn’t have a strong smell or a strong color. It’s better for your health to stay hydrated

I don’t particularly drink less or more when I’m ageplaying. I have a big glass that I keep filling with tap water, from which I drink whenever I’m home. It’s MJÖD from Ikea, I think. I haven’t seen it for sale for years now; I should look for a few more of those glasses. I used to have 4 of them, but I broke one, and I had to leave 1 behind when I moved, so I have only 2 of them left. It’s silly to get emotional over a drinking glass, but sometimes you have to cherish the little things from your past. You may forget who you used to be, and the mistakes you used to make, if you don’t remind yourself of the past.

But well, I drink quite a lot of water and normally I tend to use the toilet once per two hour or so. When I’m ageplaying, it’ll go into my nappy, maybe °^°. But I also drink formulae when I’m ageplaying


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