I think it’d be cute to have you stand in the corner for awhile. You know, until you’ve wet your diaper pretty good.

xD you’re acting like I never wet my diapers. I’m so soaked each time I wear. My fish could almost swim in my diaper



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So my layers °^° Pyjama shorts, plastic pants, and then a tykables little rawrs diaper!!

What’s your opinion on ABDL comics/stories? Do you know some good one? Do you like to read some? Does it help you create some personal scenario?

I’m afraid that I can’t help you much. I do like to read erotic abdl stories, but I don’t feel that I have read enough stories to tell you which ones stood out to me. There are stories which make me feel disgusted or embarrassed. Of special note, I strongly disapprove of ABDL stories involving minors. Maybe the issues that I have with ABDL stories aren’t unique to ABDL at all, and it is the case with all sorts of ‘fan-fiction’. I strongly prefer realistic stories, which make me feel emotionally connected to one of the main characters. The best stories are where I feel that I am inside the story, experiencing the scenario myself. Those realistic stories are what ultimately make me climax the hardest; with or without wearing a diaper myself.

I’m not a good storywriter by any stretch of the imagination. In addition, I feel that I cannot spend enough time to properly flesh out my own ideas and stories. Nonetheless, it is something that I want to get into.


What is your ultimate ABDL role play/fantasy?

Hm I dunno. There’s a few separate things that I have in mind which would push a lot of my buttons. It’s not very likely that I will get to do any of it for real any time soon. I could type out one scenario.

Caretaker scenario: In my own owned place; be it an apartment or a house, I’d love to have one room dedicated to ABDL. That room would be my nursery; with the floor covered in soft carpeting, the ceiling covered in light panels (xD I’d still want to take pictures of myself, I need lots of light). There’d be a crib large enough to fit me and a second baby. In addition, there’d be a small sofa that can also serve as a place for me to use my laptop, a closet to store my diapers and all the outfits that I wear, and lots of babyish decorations and touches that’d make anyone feel at home. Of course, the nursery would have a minor shark theme ^^. There’d be a good air filter inside, and a comfy room temperature so that everyone feels comfortable without being too hot or cold. I’d love to invite ABDL friends over, so that we can ageplay together in my nursery. Perhaps I’d like to invite a mommy or daddy over, so that I can be taken care of ❤️. I’d love to be told to undress and sit down onto a changing mat on the floor. My caretaker would get me one of my favourite diapers; a Rearz Princess Pink, and put it down onto the floor besides me, together with skin cream, a print onesie, soft cotton thigh-high socks, and a pyjama set. After a proper diapering session and a short snuggle, I’m hand-guided into my crib and given a huge shark plush and a paci. After a few minutes, my caretaker comes back into the nursery room with a baby bottle containing freshly-prepared warm infant formulae. The bottle’s volume and nipple are adult sized. I’m guided to the sofa, and sit on my caretaker’s lap, in such a way that I can be comfortably bottle-fed. Afterwards, I slightly change my body posture so that I can comfortably sit on their lap while we watch an episode of a cartoon. Occasionally, they hug me and press their face into my hair, to tell me that I’ve been a good baby. My diaper is slightly wet when it’s time to take a nap. I’m guided back into my crib, and tenderly kissed on the forehead to signal that it’s soon time to go to dreamland. However, before departure, my caretaker has a final gift for me. While standing next to my crib, they slip their hand into my pyjama pants and unbutton the onesie. I’m looking right into their eyes, as they start rubbing the front of my slightly swollen pink diaper. My toes curl up as I feel an almost magical tingle in my stomach. We start to kiss, quickly turning into an extended French kiss. They pause for a short moment to get inside the crib and lie down besides me. It feels so warm and comfy. We hug and press our cheeks together, before continuing where we left off. I’ve been keeping my pee in for some time, already. The bottle was big, and my bladder cannot take it much longer. I couldn’t take it anymore, and my pee slowly starts to leak into the pink diaper. The combined stimulation of kissing, our warm and humid breaths filling the near vicinity, our bodies touching, the intense rubbing of the front of my wet diaper and the pee coming out of me makes me climax hard and long. I stop kissing to let out several long and loud moans, and my body completely tenses up. My caretaker takes their hand out of my pyjamas and hugs me tightly, telling me I did well. I feel totally bliss. Shortly afterwards, I fall asleep, knowing that I have everything that I ever hoped for.


How do you deal with the ever-recurring (sometimes due to friends or even family members bringing it up) feelings of shame about being into ABDL? Dealing with some heavy stuff right now on top of the usual stress I’m feeling currently. I just need a bit of reassurance.

I’m not sure if I can help. Friends and family never really ask me questions about abdl. What is the problem, though? If someone did ask me about it, and I didn’t want to answer them, it’s up to me to say that I don’t want to talk about that topic cus it’s private. I pretend to be a baby, but I’m still an adult in charge of my own thoughts, time and what I share with others.

If you wanna talk about it in private, feel free to send me a DM on tumblr. Or if you wanna, you can ask me for my discord handle in a DM (I can’t promise that I’m any faster on discord compared to tumblr, though at least it has a better overview)


Don’t you get sweaty in plastic pants? I can barely stay in my pair for 10 minutes before it starts to feel uncomfortable…



To avoid confusion regarding plastic pants… I don’t wear plastic pants by themselves directly on my skin. Underneath my plastic pants, I am wearing a disposable or a cloth diaper ^^. I’ve received a few messages which mentioned that some people like to wear plastic pants without anything underneath. That’s where the confusion may have come from?

Your skin perspirates all the time, and your clothing naturally absorbs it and wicks it away. The point of plastic pants is to keep the fluids inside them, including your sweat. My diaper absorbs the sweat ^^.

As a side note… I wear diapers to regress to an infant age. As an adult baby, I lay in my bed hugging my shark plush, sucking on a paci, drinking from a bottle. I’ll sit by my table to watch cartoons and anime. I’m not physically active while wearing a diaper. I can totally imagine that being physically active makes you sweat more, which makes wearing diapers uncomfortable. I don’t envy people who are incontinent; having to wear diapers all the time or even just during the night seems like a big nuisance. I am fortunate to be in good health, and I occasionally enjoy ageplay for my own fun ^^. Thank you so much for looking at my pictures and for interacting with me.


Thank you for sharing, I am one of those that never graduated out of night diapers for bed wetting, so I wear disposables, with a terry pull over and plastic pants every night and find them very comfortable

I’m sorry to hear that you continue to be incontinent at night. It must be really inconvenient at times. It sounds like you’ve found a solution that works for you. I hope that you can deal with the incontinence in the best way that you can… I always need to remind myself that my own fun in diapers is not what others feel when they put on a diaper. Maybe it is so that most people who diaper themselves hate doing so, or at least feel a sense of shame ^^;; 

Hm it must give a strange feeling to people who hate diapers to see someone like me blissing out and pretending to be a little kid xD. I’m so sorry. 

Do you find it hard to keep a good presence online (in Tumblr or other media)I have always struggle to keep internet relation, because I tend to leave all that when life get too busy or stressful. In that case, I only stay in touch with IRL friends

No I have no difficulty keeping a good online presence, as I’m online every day. My laptop sits on my desk and I never turn it off or take it anywhere. My time is limited, so I focus on tumblr for my baby stuff. I don’t spend any time on instagram, fetlife, adisc, ab-dl-tb-club, and twitter for abdl stuff. I find that fragmenting my time between several platforms is not very productive, cus I may end up repeating myself over and over.

In your situation where you focus on your other friends instead of online contacts; it’s admirable and probably preferable to do it that way. Everyone has priorities in life, and your priorities seem right on point. I don’t see any problem with what you do, and I should take notice of it and learn to prioritize better!

will we ever see a wetting video?

Probably not. My goal with this blog is to give you ideas and inspiration on how to explore your own little space, by showing you my relaxation and fun. You can fap to me if you like, but I don’t consider anything that I post to be porn per se.



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Look at all the diapers and Little stuff that I have °^°  !!!!  I chose to wear a diaper called the “Tykables Little Rawrs”, which I can barely spell ><  , it has a green dinosaur on it

Not exactly an ask, but thanks for interacting so much and consistently putting out your ramblings, diapers and shark content over the years. :) <3



Do you think that I’m selfish for interacting with people to feel more in touch? I’m a little bit afraid of coming over as selfish, hence my counter question ^^;; Taking pictures and writing silly messages to go along with them can feel a little weird and maybe even feel fake at times. I’m trying my best to appear as a genuine person, so that I get treated at one. Part of that is actually interacting with others ^^. Doing it through Asks (versus private chats) leaves behind the ‘evidence’ of those interactions, and perhaps it can be fun to read.

Or maybe I’m slowly going insane from years of diapers, sharks and loneliness. Who knows xD. I don’t feel sad or depressed, and on a day-to-day basis I feel happy and glad to be alive. If anything, I want to do my best to make others feel happy, kinda forgetting about myself.

I do put out a lot of diaper pictures xD. I’m still really not sure if anyone actually likes my pictures, but maybe by now it is safe to assume that some do.


I guarantee that at lest one person loves your pictures and empathises with your obvious intelligence. X

Who would that be?? 😂 You, by any chance?

Hm I dunno. It’s not like I’m showing off or even trying to sound smart on here. This is my baby blog where I show you the fun that I have as a Little. You can either take inspiration from my pictures and my writing to have this fun on your own, or you can completely ignore me xD. Either is fine by me, though I hope that I can have a positive impact on others. 

Betcha didn’t know this, but you’re an adorable baby :3

Am I adorable? xD I doubt it. I am good at pretending ^^


My tumblr usage has dropped off a cliff, but I came back today to see you’re still active and I thought that was pretty neat! Thanks for continuing your blog. Hope you’re doing great.

I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have as much time for tumblr as you used to… Life can get busy sometimes. I try to post something every day, though to be able to post a new picture I need to still have them. Right now, I don’t have any new pictures. I’ll try my best to take new pictures as soon as possible ^^. In the meantime, I’ll be active in other ways.

Does it happen often that people become online ghosts?

Oh you can also see a copy of my tumblr blog and my pictures on this website: https://coucherequin.com/ (there is a small delay for posting, because I need to import them from tumblr from time to time)



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coucherequin: Sharkie is gonna hump me, stop him x_x See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife

Booooh 🤭 I’ve not been posting any new pictures for a few days now. It’s because I currently don’t have any new pictures 😅. I will be taking new pictures this weekend, so that I’ll be able to start posting them again soon.

Can you let me know which diaper you’d like to see me in?? 💝💖