Do you find it hard to keep a good presence online (in Tumblr or other media)I have always struggle to keep internet relation, because I tend to leave all that when life get too busy or stressful. In that case, I only stay in touch with IRL friends

No I have no difficulty keeping a good online presence, as I’m online every day. My laptop sits on my desk and I never turn it off or take it anywhere. My time is limited, so I focus on tumblr for my baby stuff. I don’t spend any time on instagram, fetlife, adisc, ab-dl-tb-club, and twitter for abdl stuff. I find that fragmenting my time between several platforms is not very productive, cus I may end up repeating myself over and over.

In your situation where you focus on your other friends instead of online contacts; it’s admirable and probably preferable to do it that way. Everyone has priorities in life, and your priorities seem right on point. I don’t see any problem with what you do, and I should take notice of it and learn to prioritize better!

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