How do you deal with the ever-recurring (sometimes due to friends or even family members bringing it up) feelings of shame about being into ABDL? Dealing with some heavy stuff right now on top of the usual stress I’m feeling currently. I just need a bit of reassurance.

I’m not sure if I can help. Friends and family never really ask me questions about abdl. What is the problem, though? If someone did ask me about it, and I didn’t want to answer them, it’s up to me to say that I don’t want to talk about that topic cus it’s private. I pretend to be a baby, but I’m still an adult in charge of my own thoughts, time and what I share with others.

If you wanna talk about it in private, feel free to send me a DM on tumblr. Or if you wanna, you can ask me for my discord handle in a DM (I can’t promise that I’m any faster on discord compared to tumblr, though at least it has a better overview)


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