with you not posting during the holidays will you still be in diapers playing with shark taking photos?

Well during Christmas I usually visit my parents to help them around their house, and stay there between Christmas and New Year. Usually I would not bring any diapers with me, because it’s kinda difficult to discretely throw the diaper away afterwards, especially if it’s a colorful ABDL diaper ^^;. This year I will also go there to help them out, probably not taking any diapers. But I haven’t decided yet… I will travel there tomorrow (24th of December) in the afternoon, and I need to hurry up to pack my bags.

Of course I would love to ageplay in my old room, and be reminded of the amazing childhood and teenage years that I spent there, while surrounded by family and friends.

What do you think that I should do? Regardless of what I do, I would probably not take my tripod with me, because it’s huge. (I use a tripod and a camera flash while taking ageplay pictures of myself)

More importantly… I need to make sure that my travels go well, and that I can visit friends during the Christmas holidays.


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