Really interested in 16 and 20.

16.) 🚀Other than stuffies, what other Little toys do you have? Cars? Tea Set? Red Wagon?

One day I’ll have my nursery room, with my own crib and all the other baby thingies that my heart desires. For now, my ‘crib’ is my bed, my diapers, onesies, soft fleece socks, pajamas, my shark plush and fleece blankets. I have several adult dummies, and several baby bottles to drink from. In terms of toys, I don’t have anything in my own home, unfortunately. I used to play a lot with legos, building and rebuilding the same few boxes that I had. I do still have the legos, though they’re in my old room at my parents’ home. (XD also I think all the kits got mixed up into one big box… oops. Good luck following the instructions now!)

20.) 🍼Do you drink milk? What kind?

I like drinking chocolate milk, both from a regular drinking glass, as well as from a baby bottle. I also like drinking infant formulae, specifically from a bottle. I’ve never drank formulae from a glass, before (😂). Formulae makes me feel very little. It tastes different from milk, and when you first taste it (as an adult), it can even be a little off-putting. I do recommend that others who are into littlespace give a bottle and formulae a chance. I realize that formulae comes in huge packages (usually 800 g), enough to make 6 liters of formulae… I’m not a full-time baby, but I’m still a really big baby. I make myself 3 or 4 bottles of formulae, so my tummy feels all warm and fuzzy ^^. It’s a lot of milk, and I kinda feel sleepy afterwards. In my ultimate caretaker-baby fantasies, I’d be bottle-fed several times throughout the day !!


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